The What

Words as goods and services.

Your products and services compete every day for social media space, web traffic, and referrals. They’re liked, disliked, reviewed and shared on countless pages drifting through the wilds of the Internet. 

In short, your brand message has quite a few echoes out there. Our words and ideas help them come through clearly.


Website copy and content

Don’t give them a reason to leave. We construct and maintain copy and content that will help keep your site fresh, contextually sound, and SEO-ready.



Where does yours stand? Blogs can be more than traffic builders, they can be brand builders. The Copy and Content Group helps companies devise, manage, and write their blogs with compelling direct and long-tail content. Most importantly, we help ensure that you don’t ever become the group that was sure it would maintain its blog, then ends up writing “Sorry we’re out of touch, been so busy … ” posts every couple of months.


Facebook, Twitter Posts

Brevity is the soul of wit. Unfortunately, social media marketing is often absent of both. Let us help you get it all sorted out and connected to other campaigns and outreach efforts.


Print Marketing & Ad Copy

Print is not dead. It has taken a few shots to the noggin though, that’s for sure. Nevertheless, infographics, print ads, collateral, catalogs, and direct mail remain essential components to maintaining a compelling brand. Print still rocks.



E-mail marketing remains very effective for consumer product promotion and sales strategies. The Copy and Content Group works to keep them tight, on-time, and effective.




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