“Windfall” documentary suggests wind energy isn’t all that’s promised

Windfall - Official Trailer

Directed by: Laura Israel After wind turbines are proposed for installation in upstate New York, the community's excitement turns to suspicion over what the project entails. This eye-opening story exposes the dark side of wind energy development and the potential for financial scams. Official Website:

There’s a tough line to be toed with this subject but it’s handled quite succinctly by a woman who lives under a collection of wind turbines in upstate New York. “We’re not against alternate forms of energy, we’re against these monstrosities.”

“Windfall” is about the dark side of green energy told from the perspective of a small town in New York, only a couple of hours from where I lived until I was 22. I have close friends who live just out of reach from the shadows of the whirling giants central to this tale of environmental controversy.

This is not a story that hasn’t been told before. The drawbacks to wind energy are much talked about and the debate usually apexes at the uneasiness caused by giant, omnipresent spinning machines. This doc suggests that the detrimental byproducts of wind energy are more than spoiled skylines.

Movies like this are important. We need to know as much as we can about every source of energy we seek to adopt or else run the massive risk of once again putting all the eggs of our future environmental preservation strategies into one large, toxic basket.




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