UPDATE: Rocket Man CANCELS effort to make a lot noise, disturb a wilderness environment and put people at risk.


So this guy who flies around on a jetpack is going to conduct his latest stunt over the Grand Canyon today. Or try to anyway, as the FAA and the National Park Service is working to block his efforts. As of this morning, he is still not approved for take off.

I remember reading about him when he did some similar stuff in Europe. His plan is to land safely on the canyon floor, after being dropped from a plane and firing up his winged, jet fueled backpack.

What happens if he crashes? Who has to spend time and money rescuing him? The already over-worked park rangers? He is working in conjunction with the Hualapai Tribe, so maybe they’re ready to help him. And what about when he lands safely, what then? I assume there will be a big party of folks down there to meet him, shake his hand and wave for the helicopter to come down and haul him out of the ditch. Terrific. I hope it all goes well. Eyeroll.




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