Trail Notes: Brutus To Land Early Winter Punches; Would Romney Really Have Supported New Sagebrush Rebellion?


Brutus Threatens Snow, Severe for West, Midwest
First major storm of the 2012-13 season is gearing up, careful out there.

Excellent idea of the day: Inflatable Jacket Discovery
I’ve been staring at Klymit gear for quite a while. They have some real compelling products and I put them up there with Poler and ULA as gear makers we should start paying attention to.

Guest Column: Election Day And The Dangers Of H.R. 4089, The Sportsmen’s Heritage Bill National Parks
Did we dodge a bullet with Obama’s re-election? Hard to say. For another view of what Romnney “might not have done,” take a look at the most recent High Country News, in which Former Utah Senator Bob Bennet (R) claims Romney would have done ” … what makes the most sense.”




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