The new Web site website is up.

Wow. The new site is up. Slick right?

I think so.

Actually, I’m hesitant to even it call it the “new” site. Given what I had before, this is more like, “the” Web site. Speaking of which, The Associated Press now tells us that “website” is the proper usage of the term. For years I used the former version. Apparently, like most shifts in language style, both ways will be acceptable. But just so you know, I’m going to try to blend website into my usage because that’s what most of my clients, and the general populace, uses.

Along the lines of change, expect some new things from The Copy and Content Group in the near future. I can’t make any promises as to when of course, but I have some ideas. And I’ll want your feedback on them.

Until then, just tell me what you think about the new Web site. I mean the website. Damn AP.




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