Surfing and skating once again mesh with mid-wave kick-flip

Surfing Kickflip Winner for Volcom Contest Zoltan Torkos 10K

Winning Surf Kickflip for Volcom Contest Zoltan Torkos March 4th 2011. Steamers Lane, Santa Cruz CA This is the winning clip that wins the 10K. Thanks Volcom Footage is the sole property of Torkos Media. Filmed by Rigo Torkos Dedicated to Carl Reimer

Just as the Z Boys used surfing to influence the creation of modern skateboarding, surfers are reaching out to their wheeled brethren for new ideas and antics in the line-up. The two sports pretty much exist in a perpetual state of mutualism, feeding off of one another for new influence and stoke. For example, Santa Cruz’s Zoltan Torkos landed what many believe to be the first kick-flip done on a surfboard. Obviously, he needed a pretty small egg shape to pull it off. But just wait, as with most “firsts” in the surfing world, it won’t be long before someone is kick-flipping a 10′ Yater.

NBC Bay Area has more information about the trick, which now may make him eligible for a $10,000 award offered by Volcom for the first person who could do it. That would buy a lot of fish tacos.




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