Surfer Bethany Hamilton’s story makes it to Hollywood

Bethany Hamilton is one brave chick. After as brutal a shark attack as you would want to survive, the professional surfer has long since been back in the waves dropping in on just about whatever set comes her way. With only one arm.

Hollywood, of course, came calling, making “Soul Surfer” the second movie in less than a year about an outdoor adventurist losing a limb to mother nature. Both young Ms. Hamilton and Aaron Ralston suffered through their ordeals in an equal amount of agony. As far as we know, anyway. While Hamilton didn’t spend 127 hours in the jaws of her aggressor, the minutes between blood spill and making it to the hospital no doubt passed like days.

Ralston’s ordeal, it seems, is getting the better treatment from Hollywood. Danny Boyle’s gritty surrealism and independent flair made a harrowing ordeal about a man standing still for a few days. The trailer for “Soul Surfer” looks like everything we’ve seen before in a mainstream surfing film. Yes, I know, it’s only the trailer. Trust me, it’s enough. Her story deserves more, if not simply because she was so young when it happened. What she went through is the kind of terror that would scare most Alaskan king crab fisherman out of the water for years. But she endured.

Check out the trailer and let me know you think.




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