Surf kayakers deserve space in the line-up

I’m not one of those who believe surfers own their breaks. Swells begin miles out to sea under the auspices of winds that know no owner. It’s no different when they make it to shore, roll across a sandbar or reef and erupt into a whitewater culmination of pure nature around which so many lovers of the outdoors have built a lifestyle. Your method of harnessing that lifestyle is yours to choose, whether it be by surfboard, paddelboard, skim or kayak.

There has been way too much built up around the increasing presence of alternate watercraft in the lineup. Surf kayakers are paddling out for the same reason surfers do: the stoke. A poster on a message board built around my local break posted what I thought was a well-stated verse on the spirit of maintaining a tolerant line-up: If something about surfing makes you angry, you’re doing it wrong.

So the video posted here, created by Vincent Shay of, is meant to communicate that surf kayakers aren’t there to piss off the surfers. They’re there to surf.




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