Spicoli back as the paternal Paskowitz

Surfwise Trailer

This is the trailer for "an amazing documentary about a man who pursued his dreams and dragged his family along for the wild ride".

News is filtering out of Hollywood that Sean Penn wants to direct and star in a feature length about the Paskowitz family, who were the subject of the recent documentary “Surfwise.” Most surfers are aware of the Paskowitz story, which is viewed as controversial by some and inspirational to others.

Any one who has longed to abandon the conventional trappings of cul-de-sacs, commuting, mortgages and middle-management can identify with what motivated Dorian Paskowitz to move his family into a small camper and learn the ways of the world by surfing. Clearly, most social workers can’t.

Nevertheless, Pasktowitz’s dream wasn’t wholly original; heck, ever heard of Thoreau? However, when a person actually does it, he becomes more than the pipe dream ramblings of a discouraged middle-aged suburbanite. He becomes, well, the topic of feature film by Sean Penn.

I loved “Surfwise.” I thought the family reunion at the end was a bit predictable and the editing in parts melodramatic but it captured the motivations of a different kind of guy, a person who I believe has real soul. And, if it’s going to become a film, I trust Sean Penn to make it. His underlying subject matter will not be entirely different than what he pulled off with “Into the Wild.” My only concern is his casting of himself in the title role, not because he can’t act but because it tends to pull directors away at times, altering focus. Still, Penn knows what makes good film and the guy can act. I hope this comes together.




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