Sometimes, the trees win

We’re in a constant battle to save nature. That argument is not subject to debate. However, I do understand that for many people, the true impact of man on nature is hard to conceptualize. Spend enough nights in the wilderness though, and you start to notice that a lot of what’s out there is, well, not out there anymore.

In some cases, we are not “fully” responsible. Take the dilemma, or catastrophe really, of the Whitebark Pine. Throughout many areas of the mountain west, the mountain pine beetle is devastating a tree population responsible for supporting the food and shelter practices of countless forms of wildlife and geologic ecosystems. I say not fully responsible in this case because while we may not be literally ravaging the Whitebark Pine with chainsaws and road pavers, our actions toward climate change have indeed forced the pine beetle to gorge at elevations it once ignored. Moving up, it has found the Whitebark irresistible. And man is it ever hungry.

Anyway, the beauty of this post is in the proof that sometimes, trees strike back. Check out this cool slide show of when things we’ve created, even very cool, historic things, lose the war with nature.




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