SOMA AirBag makes surf travel safe again.


I don’t love to fly. Not because I’m afraid of drunk pilots, terrorists or fat rowmates (although all solid reasons) but primarily because of how f&%@king miserable most airline employees treat customers. Today, if I can’t fly Southwest, I drive. California? Yeah, I would do it. Like I said, F the airline industry.

Any company that is paid to deliver things that belong to you should at least assume some level of responsibility for their well being. Nope, not the airlines. They’ve managed to weasel their way out of paying for just about any form of damage, no matter how egregious. Your only chance for restitution is to make a clever YouTube video for some low-level morning show producer hired to make their host appear “in-touch” to stumble upon.

When I fly, it usually includes a lot of outdoor gear. Thankfully, by nature, a multi-tool is built to take some lumps. Surfboards, however, aren’t. They’re foam and a thin layer of fiberglass. (Yeah, they make epoxy boards, I know.) Well, as you can imagine, the horror stories of cargo bay stick damage are enough to pitch to George Romero, provided you could work a zombie in there somewhere. Plus, in the age of al a carte flight services, most surfers are discouraged from paying the extra hundreds in fees a solid coffin bag would demand. Thus, most rent a board at their destination, leaving their own boards at home.

Well, screw all that, because the folks at a company called Soma have just changed the surf travel industry with the introduction of the Soma AirBag, a packable, inflatable piece of surf luggage strong enough to keep your favorite ride safe from falls of a cliff, being run-over by a truck and—man let’s hope—the airline industry. (Clearly it can’t stop run-on sentences, however.)

This product should without question make a ton of Best of Gear lists from all the requisite outdoor industry media players. If my site had enough credibility to warrant them caring, the Soma AirBag would win on balls alone. I mean, I know of few other companies willing to put their product to the test like they did. Awesome work Soma, and thanks.

US Air hates you.




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