No. It won’t be interesting.

I often find myself burdened with ridding the general public of tedious phrases and language choices. I can’t prove it but I feel confident in my role in the termination of Boost Mobile’s “Where you at?” campaign. That phrase to my language sensibilities was what Michael Vick was to a puppy with a tentative bite instinct.

Lately I’ve found myself pushing for the dissolution of the phrase, “It will be interesting to see …” I can’t stand it. It says nothing and is used constantly, often by sports broadcasters, whose lexicon is jammed with terms meant to communicate uncertainty.

I believe that the more times you hear this phrase in a sports show, the less the people talking to you know about the topic. They just use it to set up some redundant thought that offers nothing compelling to the discourse.

“It will be interesting to see if Brett Farve comes back this season.”

“It will be interesting to see if my half-time comments can come across as even remotely insightful.”

Brett FavrePlease help me rid us of this verbal horror. Some alternatives:

  • I’m curious about …

  • What lies in store for …

  • It is unclear if …

  • Stay tuned to learn …

  • What else?





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