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I’m off this weekend to backpack in the Black Mountains, in the Pisgah National Forest in North Carolina. This isn’t an entirely vast section of national forest but certainly a region as dense and rugged as you’ll find anywhere on the east coast. Our route will skirt Mt. Mitchell, which at over 6,500 sf is the highest point this side of the Mississippi.

Amongst the shaded girth of twisted, old-growth oaks and spruce, we’ll expect to cross a number of streams, boulder hop a bit and hopefully settle into a couple of flatgrass campsites on Maple Camp Bald and at Deep Gap. We’re heading up the Colbert Ridge Trail from the Carolina Hemlock Recreation Area campground, heading south on the Black Mountain Crest Trail into Mt. Mitchell State Park and then on to Buncombe Horse Range Trail.

Not long, but should be plenty.

Extended backpacking, that is, expeditions, are more often than not tremendously positive life experiences. But short trips, even for a single night in some cases, can do wonders for your psyche. I’ve been working on-site for a corporate client the last two weeks and frankly, having not commuted in well over a year, it’s become damn exhausting. Come Monday, as The Man says, it will be alright.




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