BLOG is one of the best outdoor sites on the Net

I remember remarking to myself the first time I stumbled across that it must have taken a hell of a long time to assemble and curate this much content. Then I actually started using the site and found myself even more impressed. is a site all about camping in U.S. National Forests. It is managed by Fred and Suzi Dow, who are not associated with the Forest Service but sure know a great deal about it. According to the site, they have personally visited every forest campground listed, which would lead one to believe the smiling couple, as depicted on the site, have never worked a day in their lives. (I’m sure that’s not true.)

You can browse by state or national forest to drill down into the essentials about specific campgrounds, such as the number of tent sites, RV hook-ups, costs, reservation guidelines and seasonal dates. For me, the real money is in their brief and refreshingly honest descriptions of the campgrounds. I want to know what a site is like from a camper’s perspective, and that’s what you get from Fred and Suzi.

The database is ongoing and they’ve also built in some sweet additional features like a message board, a link to campground host jobs and a separate image list for the campgrounds, which are also linked throughout the site where appropriate.

This is simply a great site worthy of being high on the bookmark list for anyone with a passion for outdoor pursuits.




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