Florida Wave Riders: Mount up.


This may not be an entirely new debate to many Florida surfers but the recent Patagonia catalog highlighted the potential construction of breakwaters along Reef Road near West Palm. For those not familiar or who want to get involved, visit and support

Similar beach nourishment projects are happening constantly and always deserve substantially more due diligence than what is done by most community leaders. Let’s face it, sand and sun mean only thing = tourists.

And yes, tourism is vital to many local economies. No debate. But when development, especially speculative construction in a down economy, pushes the process at an unreasonable pace, things don’t get considered. Like long-term erosion impact. Wildlife populations. And seafloor health.

Still, is there inherent selfishness on the part of surfers to maintain their breaks? It’s a valid question, but it’s not a question of being selfish. Surfers, by all means, want to see their breaks sustained because it preserves the surrounding environment as well. It’s dual mission. And a worthy one.

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