Digital Wunderland keeps the southern surf spirit alive. Chickens and all …

Beyond The Barrier Surf Movie Trailer

Beyond The Barrier directed by award winning film maker Joe Cheshire takes you into the lives of some of the worlds best surfers who happen to be from or on the East Coast of The United States. Filmed on Location in 2008 during one of the best years for surf the East Coast has seen in recent memory.

Lucas Rogers is a Virginia Beach, VA-based surfer being brought to the forefront by Joe Cheshire and his Outer Banks-based production company, Digital Wunderland. (Video above is the trailer from DW’s “Beyond the Barrier.”) You gotta love the deliberate schlock with which they approach Rogers’ background in their latest video, (entered into’s video contest) making it quite clear that East Coast surfers just don’t always get the respect they deserve. Even though this guy, probably the best ever (if such a rank in surfing exists), hails from the right coast.




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