Big ass bear with trout mistaken for woolly mammoth in Siberia

Well, “mistaken” is a strong word here. Better stated, ” … used to deliberately mislead in an attempt to garner a bunch of attention on the Internet.”

As some folks who responded in the article’s comments section made clear, no camera today is that blurry from that distance. Plus, the true identity of the video’s subject is easy to grasp once you think about what a big brown bear looks like with a fish in its snout, like when you finally see the sailboat in one of those hidden 3D image posters. “Oh yeah, I see it now … ”

Still, it’s fun to think about what kind of mysteries still linger in our wildest places. I’m all about these kind of zany animal conspiracies, from Chupacabra to sewer gators to Sasquatch (I have my own encounter story, actually). I always want to believe the videos and tall tales but common sense always takes over.

Who knows, maybe someday. I wonder how much mileage Mammut’s marketing department could get out of this?




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