Because it’s on the screen.


Hollywood, in case you have not noticed, is a bit trendy. I don’t mean in the same way Linsday Lohan’s drunken, bound-to-wind-up-dead-and-bleeding-in-a-ditch-in-Barstow act is trendy, but more so in how studios develop pictures.

Not many people really grasp that movies, for which I am a tremendous geek, are created much the same other commodities are produced. They use market research, test screenings and previous product performance to determine what will sell. Sometimes, the product is better suited for a Toyota test track than theater screens but somehow, things like “Old Dogs” and “The Bounty Hunter” squeeze through.

Anyway, it appears movies about mountains and all that cool adventure shit I like to write about have found their way on to Hollywood’s radar screens. Julia Roberts has agreed to produce an upcoming film about George Mallory. You know, that guy who disappeared on the big peak in Nepal.

“10 Mountains, 10 Years” is a documentary about a team of climbers destined to bag the world’s greatest climbs in honor of the fight against Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

Malloy brother Chris helmed “180 Degrees South,” which is essentially a remake of a true-life adventure that set in motion the creation of one of the world’s most recognized outdoor brands and helped shaped the attitudes of the curmudgeon environmentalist Yvon Chouniard. The Patagonia founder and his buddy Doug Thompkins managed to hike, sail, surf and climb their way to deepest South America back in 1968 and in the process, established themselves as adventure legends.

There’s no question I’ll contribute to “Iron Man 2’s” weekend gross. But hopefully I’ll catch a couple of films not starring an ex-drug addict. Which is growing difficult these days. Right Lindsay?




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