Aubrey Sacco, 23, yoga teacher, college graduate, hiker. Missing.

I was hoping the weekend would end well. After the national soccer team’s solid hell-yes-we’ll-take-a-cheap-goal tie with England in the World Cup, the rescue of a safe Abby Sunderland (sounds like she can handle crisis quite well; so let’s hope she gives it another go) and the confirmation of another visit to the Grand Tetons this summer, I would have been perfectly content to write a couple of gear reviews that I have been putting off.

Instead, a bunch of campers lost their lives in Arkansas and I’m writing about Aubry Sacco, a 23-year-old woman from Colorado, who is missing in Nepal.

She, like the younger Ms. Sunderland but unlike the majority of us, was taking her time to understand what else is out there on a five-month solo through Sri Lanka and India. She ventured into Nepal and her last known whereabouts are now recorded as a cup of tea in a hotel in Langtang National Park, which scratches the foot of the Himalayas.

There is not much I can add to this story other than to bring your attention to it. Hikers are soul-searchers. Yet, most of us have no idea where to find it. So that’s why keep hiking. After all, life is in the journey. That’s what I think Aubrey Sacco is after. Everyone pray, to whatever or whomever, that she’s still finding hers.

Updates/news about Aubrey can be found on this Facebook page.




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